Before the Internet, Yellow Pages or Yellow Book was a great way to advertise and promote your business via the Yellow Pages Book. When the Internet came along, Yellow Pages realized that they were in trouble as everyone was and still is going to Google for their searches, they needed to come up with a solution, so Yellow Pages was replaced by Yellow Book or Yellow Pages Websites.

This is Not-Good for you if you are looking for a quality built and owned website: Let me explain below:

  • Website Ownership: Did you know that you do not own a Yellow Pages website. You rent it from them! You pay a yearly rental to Yellow Pages and if you leave Yellow Pages for any reason, you loose your website.
  • Domain Name Ownership: Your domain name is one of the most important parts of owning a website on the Internet. It is your business name on the Internet.


Did you know that you do not own your Domain name if you use Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages Company owns the domain name and they rent it do you. It costs you more money to rent the domain name from Yellow Pages then if you were to purchase and own the domain name yourself.

I had a customer that was distressed to find out that after he left Yellow Pages that he could not own his own domain name until the contract was up. He would also have to pay extra to have the domain name transferred to him. Yellow Pages wants their money even if you are no longer with them. It becomes a legal issue with them so be careful.

You Keep Paying and Paying: Renting a website from Yellow Pages means that you have to pay for the initial build of the template website. You also have to pay for hosting which is normal but you also have to pay a yearly rental on top of the hosting fee to Yellow Pages to ensure that you stay in the program, otherwise your rental website is taken down. This is very expensive as you your are paying higher cost for only Yellow Pages results.

Website Design: Yellow Pages uses mass produced templates to build your website. There is no one-of-kind website for you, no originality. The design of the website is secondary to the advertisement. What’s this mean to you? The websites are not very becoming, they are unattractive and do not have your company’s best interest in mind when building the website. It is all smoke and mirrors.

WC3 Compliant: Yellow Pages websites are not WC3 Compliant.  Simple put, if you want to be found by the search engines, you website has to be built correctly, in other words, it has to be built WC3 compliant. Yellow Pages websites are not WC3 compliant and you can not expect any results from the major search engines.

Content: Managing the content of your website is very difficult. It does not allow for much content to be refreshed and this make it difficult for you to keep your website updated on a regular basis. With the current Search Engine Optimization Rules (SEO), you will receive very poor search engine results thereby making this a very ineffective way to promote your business.

New Business from your Website?: Since your website is not WC3 Compliant, not very attractive and not SEO friendly and build with a mass produced template, you can not expect to bring in any new business. You will also not be expected to retain any customer with this kind of ineffective website design.

Social Media Integration & Marketing: Websites like Face-book and Twitter are great way to market and promote your business website. It is not possible to use these social services correctly with Yellow Pages. They do not let you steam data back from the social media websites to your Yellow Pages website.

Customer Support: Customer support is the best way to keep your customer’s happy and to share with them all your new offerings. With a Yellow Pages website, this is nearly impossible and will result in a loss of business and and higher cost to you.

Now that you understand more about Yellow Pages websites, let PagesOnly build you a One-Of-A-Kind Website designed to represent your company and help you market your products and services to the majority of people searching the web via Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You own your website with PagesOnly and we want to partner with you to help you grow your business. We want to be here for you today, tomorrow and in the future.

Choose for your next website.